UX Designer
& M.A. Student

It's my vision to empower people through design and make the digital world a better experience.


With a creative and analytical way of thinking I create high-quality digital concepts and designs that people enjoy using and add value to them. I'm guided by my design philosophy which needs to serve a purpose, works holistically, take into account mental models and be aesthetically appealing.

I'm thriving for solving complex problems with UX methods and hands-on at a large whiteboard to design feasible digital products. In the next years, it's my goal to gain UX experience in Strategic Design and AI related projects. I am planning a six-month internship in UX Design in the context of my master's studies in Stuttgart, Germany from October 2021.

Working with me is...

Driven by a hands-on mindset.
I want to learn from the best and support the team with my practical experience.

Considering the personal level.
Get to know each other is crucial for the team culture. I love attending team events and baking birthday cake.

Just fun.
Give me a pen, a whiteboard and a lot of coffee and we'll figure out user flows and concepts together.

"[...] Working with Marielle has been an absolute pleasure, and I am sad her internship had to come to an end. Marielle has all the ingredients for becoming an amazing UX designer: She thinks both analytically and creatively, she produces strong interaction and UI design proposals, she collaborates well with designers and developers alike, and then it's truly a joy to work through complex and tricky design problems with her."
— Morten Winther, UX Strategist & Designer @ VW Group Innovation

Marielle Lexow

The personal core values I'm trying to live every day are enjoying life, learning and mindfulness. 


UX Design Intern, IBM Consulting
Oct 2021 — Present

UX Design Working Student, epap GmbH
Oct 2020 — Aug 2021

UX Design Working Student, THI Investments
Mar 2020 — Aug 2020

UX/UI Intern, VW Group Innovation California
Sep 2019 — Feb 2020

UX/UI Internship & Thesis, VW Commercial Vehicles
Aug 2018 — Jun 2019

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M.A. Classes/Projects

Design Management, AI, Social Design, Speculative Design, Interactive Installation, Agility and Teams.
I also had the opportunity to teach a group of students in design systems, agile design processes and design workshops as a tutor. 

"Marielle is a wonderful heartfelt and fokused woman and wasn’t only an enrichment to our team but also took care of UX/UI tasks beyond initially expected requirements. You will win a true gem to your team and company by working with her!"
— Cora Spoladore, Digital UX/UI Designer & Creative Director


Marielle Lexow
UX Designer B.A.

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